Happy New Year

Happy New Year and hope your 2017 is full of lots of fun ham radio QSOs. It’s going to be an interesting year here, after having just moved back to my hometown, being only a few months away from getting married and in the middle of a career change too.

I’ll be staying involved in emergency management and emergency communications and my bride-to-be is working on her ham license and will be joining me in helping our community in that aspect.

I’m also going to try to stay active in 2017 on the amateur airwaves. Won’t be a lot of HF for a while until we get settled again but I’ve been playing with lots of VHF stuff, on 6M and 2M along with packet radio. I’ll be tweeting about that and posting here on my new blog through the year.

Also if you check out one of the links above, you’ll see that I host the Macon County Public Safety scanner feed, I’ll be maintaining and improving that trough the year too.

Thanks for checking out my little ham shack on the web and look forward to catching you on ham radio in 2017.

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